Alex Lees column

In my early career, Kane Williamson is probably the most impressive player I have come across.

Kane leaves us after this week’s Roses Championship match until early July due to his commitments with New Zealand.

It’s a shame he’s leaving us because he’s a calming influence and a top-quality batsman. But we’ve got Aaron Finch coming in, who will be good for us as well.

In the modern era, counties have to be able to adapt because international cricket is so demanding. You would have to be very lucky to get a player such as Kane for a full season.

On the field, Kane’s batting skills are exceptional and he’s got a great cricket brain. Off the field, he is a brilliant bloke who will talk to anyone and make an effort for you and help you out.

He’s really down to earth. He’s got good values as a bloke and he’s very grounded and humble as well. They’re the kind of things you expect from everyone. But, as we know in life, not everyone is like that.

He’s very level-headed. No matter how well or badly he does, he’s always the same bloke. It comes across like he’s played for 20 years but you forget sometimes that he’s only 23 years old. He’s played 31 Tests already and I’m sure he will add many more to that.

He fitted in seamlessly last year and that’s continued this year. It helps with the team that he’s playing in. We’ve got a really good set of lads at Yorkshire and there’s nobody in there you wouldn’t want to go out for tea with.

With that in mind, I’m sure Aaron will find it very easy to settle into our dressing room. As I say, the lads are a good set and I’m sure we’ll all take to him. It would take an odd character not to fit in in our dressing room, if I’m honest.

It would be nice to see Kane leave us with his first Yorkshire hundred this week. Mind you, it would be nice if we had a couple of them, myself included. I wouldn’t mind one this week.

Another player who works so hard on his game and deserves the success that is coming his way is Gary Ballance, who is in great form for us and England.

Gary has scored consistently for us during the last few seasons and if he does continue to play for England, he’s going to leave a massive hole in the side because he’s been so dependable and has got us out of some rubbish on a number of occasions.

But it’s time for somebody else to step up and take that responsibility.

Jonny Bairstow is playing for us at the minute, with him not involved in the one-dayers. But he could be called away at any time.

So there’s more responsibility on the likes of myself, Adam Lyth and Galey to step up and do well. I’m really looking forward to the challenge.