Silsden's Dougie Lampkin has won the Scottish Six-Day Trial for a record eighth time, putting his intense preparation in the hills of North Yorkshire to good use.

Already a record-holder on the course in and around Fort William as no-one else has won it more than five times, the 38-year-old's latest triumph came 20 years after he first won it.

The Red Bull-backed rider, who was never headed throughout the competition in the Highlands after some intense , extended his margin of victory on the final day to eventually beat world No 6 James Dabill of Cookridge by eight marks, putting Friday's setback behind him.

Lampkin had called the world-famous trial the most important competition in his busy 2014 schedule on the run up to the event, and he soon put himself at the front of the pack on the opening day.

Another faultless performance on day two meant that Lampkin shook off the attentions of Dabill and Sam Connor, who had shared the lead with him last Monday, as he moved into a commanding position.

However, Wednesday proved to be Lampkin's toughest day, an early start meaning he was confronted by driving rain and rising waters.

Losing his first marks of the week, his total of six for the day saw him hold a three-mark lead over Sam Haslam as the trial entered its second half.

Thursday offered all of the near-300 strong entry welcome relief, with the route and sections proving much easier than 24 hours earlier, and there was no change at the top of the leaderboard, with all the front-runners posting clean scores.

Friday was to be Lampkin's worst day with his total of seven marks including an unfortunate five, when his left hand slipped off the handlebar as he tackled one of the many waterfalls.

Despite this setback, the Silsdener took a five-mark lead over Dabill into Saturday's final leg.

Knowing that just one failure could spoil his whole week's work, Lampkin maintained his composure to beat Dabill both on the day and overall in what remains the greatest trial in the world.

A delighted Lampkin said: "It feels incredible to have won yet another 'Scottish' - in fact it feels amazing as this trial takes some winning.

"This week has felt even longer than ever and, as Friday showed, you don't have to do much wrong to throw the whole thing away."

Lampkin added: "I feel like I have ridden well all week and to have lost marks in only six of the 180 sections shows the kind of level you need to be at if you are to be in with a chance of winning.#

"James (Dabill) has also ridden well this week and has certainly kept me on my toes, I know he would like to have won, but he has definitely earned his runners-up place.

"It is no secret that I love the Scottish and how much it means to both me and my family, so I am incredibly proud to have my name on the main trophy once again alongside my uncle Arthur and Sid, plus my dad Martin.

"I am already looking forward to coming back next year to defend my title and to hopefully give the new Vertigo bike its first ever Scottish Six-Day Trial win.

"Finally I would like to say a massive thanks to all the officials, and especially all the observers who have also had a tough week, standing out in all weathers, and as volunteers and trials lovers who just try to do their best at all times."

Lampkin's other Scottish Six-Day Trial victories were in 1995, 1996, 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2013. Sammy Miller and Mick Andrews have both won it five times.