The Bradford Table Tennis League Division One averages at the end of this season are a glowing reference to what a fantastic season the Police team have had.

The trio of Tim Dyson, John Chew and Shahriar Masoudi have romped away with their first title and they fill the top three places as individuals.

Dyson takes top place, losing just four times, Chew is behind him with five losses and Mausoudi is third with eight defeats. In Division Two, Deo Jones of Yeadon B has had a great season, winning 66 out of 69 sets to lead his team to promotion.

Fazal Hussain of Laisterdyke A has the best record of any player in the league, losing only one set out of 48 as Laisterdyke were unbeaten Division Three champions.

In Division Four, the top three were separated by just three per cent as Chris Town of Hermits G took top spot, closely followed by Mick Whitham of Rastrick and Steve Smith from Pudsey B.

The top three in Division Five were even closer as Brian Cooper of Hermits I and David Wilson from Thornbury had identitical records, with 63 wins from 72 sets. John Margerison of Hermits I was a close third.

Results – Division One: Fastbats A 5, Dewsbury Sedbergh 5. Division Two: Unity D 5, Highdale C 5; Hermits A 2, Yeadon B 8. Division Three: Fastbats C 1, Laisterdyke A 9. Division Four: Rastrick 7, Hermits F 3; Baildon B 8, Fastbats D 2; Hermits G9, Pudsey B 1. Division Five: Fastbats E 6, Baildon C 4.