I’m back fit this week and can put all rumours about me to bed!

I’ve heard all sorts of things but the fact is that I was ill for the Leeds game last Thursday.

I was in a really bad way and had literally not eaten for two or three days.

I went training the day before the game to give myself a chance and Franny said he would give me up to the last minute to prove my fitness.

But I didn’t eat that night or in the morning so I had to make the call to Franny and he fully understood.

I wanted to get back for Wigan on Monday but I came back to training and it transpired that I had lost about 3kg in weight.

Even though I was feeling a lot better, Franny said ‘Get your weight back on and get yourself 100 per cent for Catalan’.

It was only on Tuesday, when I had my day off, that I was feeling completely fine again and I went to Alton Towers.

I tweeted about it in the morning but I checked my phone later that evening and people had put two and two together and got eight.

They were saying ‘Foster’s on his way, Foster’s going to Salford’ but like I’ve said time and time again, I have no desire whatsoever to leave.

As a squad we had a really honest meeting with Marc Green this week.

I read the statement that Steve Ferres made this week and, while players were maybe a bit frustrated when they first read it, he’s right in what he said, especially when you have so many fans travelling over and paying good money to watch.

But we had an excellent team-building exercise at Pugneys Park in Wakefield this week.

We had to build rafts and even the injured players got involved. I threw a massive bucket of cold water over James Donaldson. I really enjoyed doing that!

But it was a good activity and we’re looking forward to facing Catalan and a couple of well-known faces in Elliott Whitehead and Leon Pryce.

Elliott is still highly thought of by all the lads here, but at the end of the day it’s about us getting our season back on track. It has to start on Sunday.