We’ve got to put all the ups and downs of the season behind us tomorrow and focus on putting in one last big home performance.

Crawley are safe like us so there’s no excuse not to go out there and express yourself. Just make it an enjoyable game for our supporters.

If it means playing and attacking and being a bit open, then that’s fine. We’ll have to deal with them on the counter-attack and we’ll try to do that.

Monday’s game at Swindon was frustrating. We had a good shape about us and had a couple of chances in the first half breaking on them.

Then maybe we fizzled out a bit. We got pushed back as a team and even when we did get the ball forward, I don’t think there was enough quality about our play.

We all criticise each other and I just felt we should have been better in that final third of the pitch.

The second we started to put a bit of pressure on them, you could see Swindon wobbling but that wasn’t until the 70th minute.

It’s a shame because there’s nothing worse than letting the season peter out. You want to win as many games as you can and I’m sure we’ll make up for that in this final week.

The manager keeps saying that he wants us to go out and express ourselves. I felt we did that against Peterborough and hopefully we can follow that up with another full-energy home performance.

We all emptied the tank that day, the tempo was superb and the fans really appreciated it. But that’s all supporters ever want to see.

Since I’ve been at the club, they’ll always back you from the second you put sweat on that shirt and run around a lot.

There have been games this season when we haven’t done that enough and they have turned. But rightly so because they’ve paid good money to watch us and know what we should be all about.

That’s why we want to make it an entertaining day for our final game at Valley Parade.