There were plenty of positives in our defeat at Widnes and we are definitely moving in the right direction.

It doesn’t look like that at times when you see some of the scorelines that we’ve been on the receiving end of.

But with Jamal Fakir having come in to strengthen us this week, I’m sure we can kick on and improve further.

It was disappointing to miss the Widnes game but I should be good to go against Oldham tomorrow.

We were doing a bit of wrestling and tackling technique on mats in the gym last week and I just went over on my foot.

It ballooned up and I went for a scan over in Liverpool the following day and they said I had ruptured the capsule in my big toe.

Straight away, that sounds soft but when you can’t push off it then you know you can’t play rugby.

It’s an annoying injury but it’s been a good opportunity for me to catch up on a few little things in the gym, such as my upper body, and I’ve used it to my advantage.

It’s a ten-day lay-off rather than a ten-week one, so hopefully I can come straight back in this weekend.

I have a bad memory of my first Challenge Cup experience with Bradford after rupturing my pectoral muscle at Rochdale last April.

You might think we could put a few points on Oldham and be able to relax, but I don’t think I’ve had a relaxing week since I’ve been at this club!

As a professional sportsman, you can’t ever think it will be easy.

You have to prepare 100 per cent, plus I know a few lads at Oldham and they will thrive off this type of game.

We need to match them for the first 20 minutes and then hopefully score points – but I think it could go two ways.

I think either way we are going to win, but there are different ways of winning.

We want to rack up plenty of points and do it in style – and I believe we are good enough to do that.