Ever wondered what City’s 1996 Wembley hero Mark Stallard might look like dressed as a granny in a World Cup song video?

Okay, it’s only me then... but now you can see the proof for yourself on Youtube.

Stallard proved game for a laugh – and more – when he took part in the shoot for Come on England (Give it some Welly), the latest ode to this summer’s tournament.

He went to school in Derby with members from the local band The Parents, who persuaded him to showcase his skills for the benefit of their song. Only they didn’t tell him he’d have to dress as a female octogenarian...

“He turned up in all his football gear,” said drummer Mike Bowler, aka Milkshake Waddington.

“Then we handed him the granny’s dress and wig! But he really was game for a laugh and put it all on. He performed admirably because it was difficult to see out of the gear.”

Bowler/Waddington considers their effort as a light-hearted rival to the official England World Cup song, Greatest Day.

“The video was only uploaded a week ago and it has already got over 12,000 hits.

“Who wants to listen to a tired old Take That backing track with Gary Lineker singing out of tune?

“We as a country need a proper chant for the terraces. We like to think we’re the Vindaloo to their Three Lions.”