New Bulls owner Marc Green is not even thinking about the prospect of relegation as he reassured supporters: “I’m here for the long haul.”

The Leeds-based businessman spoke to the media for the first time yesterday after his bid was accepted by the administrator last week.

Green, a married father-of-three who moved north from his native London in 1990, declared himself quietly confident of saving the Bulls from the drop and ultimately returning the club to its former glories.

“I don’t do anything to fail,” he said.

“Rightly or wrongly, even my children have been brought up with that philosophy.

“Whether it’s a test in your class, try to be the highest.

“Whether it’s playing a game of cards, make sure you beat the opposition.

“If they beat you, take it on the chin but never do anything for the sake of taking part.

“I’ve had my doubters, and I dare say that will continue, but actions speak far louder than words.”

The 48-year-old first became involved in the Bulls following a loan he made to the club last September.

He admitted he could not have foreseen taking ownership but, now he is in position, he is determined to transform the Bulls into a profitable business.

The straight-talking Safeguard Security Group boss said: “Someone I am in total admiration of is Ken Bates.

“He understood that a stadium which only delivers revenue once a fortnight is not a good business model.

“You want to have something that turns revenue 365 days a year on and off the season.

“Ken Bates set about developing what is arguably a phenomenal business at Chelsea.

“He tried to replicate that at Leeds United and got a lot of bad press but I dare say they would be glad to have him back right now.

“I know for a fact that Leeds were in profit while he was in charge.

“Profit is a very healthy word and the business will be driven to deliver profit. How long will it take? We’ll see.”

Green, a Tottenham Hotspur fan, said the club are exploring the prospect of appealing against their six-point deduction and confirmed buying back the lease on Odsal from the RFL was also an aim.

Green said he planned at being at the club for the long haul and declared: “Relegation is a word that we are not using or contemplating.

“But there is a Plan Z and if relegation does happen then it’s about how we bounce back immediately the following season.

“I’m here for the long haul and I have a one, five and ten-year plan.

“If I have a ten-year plan then I’m not sure how much longer-term my commitment can be.

“This club has not been run as a business and my job is to make sure that it is from now on.”

Green will be at Sunday’s home game with Oldham but will not attend Friday or Saturday matches on religious grounds.

He revealed the club’s shop will be relocated to where the ticket office now lies, creating a new ticket-retail outlet, and said a new commercial and finance director would join him, Steve Ferres and Robbie Hunter-Paul on a five-strong board of directors.

He also urged supporters to start backing Francis Cummins’ team in numbers again as they bid to beat the drop.

Green, who addressed the Bulls players in the dressing room before last week’s match at Widnes, said: “There is nothing worse than a sportsman playing in front of an empty ground.

“It has to be a triangular approach – Franny’s team delivering on the field, my team delivering off it and the supporters coming back through the turnstiles.

“I’m not here to win a popularity contest – I’m here to do a job and that’s to return Bradford to its former glory.”