Bulls coach Francis Cummins is hoping new owner and chairman Marc Green will fund the signings required to keep the club in Super League.

Green addressed staff, players and Cummins’ backroom team yesterday morning and spoke of his background in business and desire to engineer an upturn in fortunes at Odsal.

The Leeds businessman’s first task will be to bolster a threadbare squad with new recruits as the Bulls seek to climb away from relegation danger.

They are currently stuck on minus two points and Cummins is hopeful that additions will soon materialise.

He said: “I’ve been almost playing fantasy football manager for the past three months, looking at who I’d like and who’s available.

"I don’t know if I’m a millionaire or if we have to find another way.

"We need some numbers and I’ve got all kinds of lists. There are loads of players on that list and you have to have a first, second and third option in every position.

“Again it depends on who is available and what sort of funds there are.

“We’re in round seven but you get to round ten and things start to happen – players not getting game-time, there are a few fall-outs or even NRL players start to become available.

“I’ve got people from other clubs asking if we are after players in certain positions, which shows that it’s not that hard to get players in. We’ve got to keep our finger on the pulse.”

Green, 48, was unavailable for interview yesterday but Cummins said the change of ownership had breathed new life into the club.

“Marc came in to address the players before training,” said Cummins.

“He was really straight to the point. He’s like the rest of us, he’s wanting to achieve. He’s going to do his best and so are we.

"It was a nice little present for us all. We’ve been in a tumble drier for a while, being thrown all over the place. There were a few more smiles. It was a bit of closure for them.”

Bulls winger Jamie Foster said he had been left impressed by Green’s address to Cummins’ squad and backroom staff.

Foster said: “I’m over the moon because it’s finally sorted. I don’t know his background but he came in and spoke to us this morning.

“At first impressions, he seems a really good bloke and you can tell he’s a proper businessman.

“There is no messing with him – he’s straight-talking and he said he had 800 people working for him and five companies with a turnover of £45million per year.

“That’s proper money you are talking about so it’s what we needed because things couldn’t have gone on for much longer.”

Cummins, meanwhile, is hopeful the Bulls can put months of uncertainty surrounding the club’s ownership behind them.

He said: “During pre-season, we were thinking about our livelihoods.

“Are we going to get paid on time? Are we going to get paid at all?

“Now we’ve got that bit of assurance that we’ll be getting paid, you feel as if you can take on the world.

“It just feels that we are ready to go again and hopefully get some support for the players and a few numbers in.

“The good feeling is there – we just needed to shake off all that rubbish which has surrounded us for months.

“I’m just glad that we can concentrate on our actual job now because it leaves you drained.

“You even tend to not go to places. I enjoy watching my old amateur club, Dewsbury Celtic, and I’ve not been for a few weeks because you just get sick of people asking ‘how is it? how are you?’

“Although it’s nice that they are concerned, you would like to make one big announcement that you don’t even know what’s going on.

“It’s just a constant thing and it wears you down at times.”

Former Bradford Northern player Steve Ferres has been appointed as managing director and will work alongside chief executive Robbie Hunter-Paul.