On Parade – with John Hendrie

It must be a huge relief for Aaron Mclean to get that first goal at last. Sometimes you can try too hard and I’m sure it will have been playing on his mind the longer he went without scoring.

It would have been great if he could have got one straight away after coming in. But when that doesn’t happen, it’s important that you are still contributing for the team.

I remember Micky Kennedy after one game when I was annoyed with myself for not scoring. I was sat there sulking and Mick asked me: “Right John, how many crosses did you put in today? How many chances did you create for others?”

It was a good point and I’d say that to Aaron or strikers who are in that situation. You can still make a big contribution with the other elements of your game.

Did he work the channels? Did he link up well with James Hanson? Did he take the pressure off our defence by holding the ball up the other end?

When you go a while without a goal, you can’t let it affect you. Making an impact for the team is not just about scoring.

He’s followed Nahki Wells, who had a terrific goal record and was a real favourite with the fans. It’s a tall order to replace him and the supporters have got to be patient with Aaron as well.

People don’t deliberately miss chances but if the crowd can see he is giving it a go every week, then they can have no complaints.