Dr Marwan Koukash has revealed his wife is already eyeing up potential new recruits for Francis Cummins’ squad.

Mandy Koukash yesterday submitted a bid to buy the Bulls from Leeds-based administrator David Wilson and should know by early next week if it has been successful.

Focus has now turned to making new signings and Dr Koukash said that process was underway.

The Salford Red Devils owner told the T&A: “Obviously Mandy is already looking at bringing in players.

“By seeking to take over the Bulls, she realises that the club need to finish outside of the bottom two.

“It’s crucial that everybody plays their part – including Mandy – to get players in and she is looking at doing that.”

Dr Koukash admitted making big-name signings would be unlikely but spoke of his confidence that the Bulls can overturn their six-point penalty and survive relegation.

“When you say big signings, you have to be realistic because which big signings are available now?” he said.

“If they are available, I’m sure Mandy will bring them in.

“But the priority this year is to make sure that investment is spent wisely in order to keep the club up. Next year is a totally different kettle of fish.”

Dr Koukash said he was looking forward to a potential wife versus husband clash when Salford travel to Bradford for a Super League match-up on April 11.

He also revealed his admiration for the way in which Cummins and his players have battled through the club’s crisis despite a constant weight of uncertainty on their shoulders.

“They have done a fantastic job,” he said.

“I can’t be seen to be telling Mandy what to do, and I won’t.

“But she’s not stupid and she can see that, despite the difficulties, there is still a team who are competing on the field.”

Dr Koukash and his wife are expected to attend Sunday’s home clash with Huddersfield but, unlike her charismatic husband, Mandy is not one for the limelight.

Dr Koukash added: “Mandy has many of my characteristics but she is probably a bit camera shy… but I’ll train her!

“I hope many thousands of people will start coming back to the ground – starting on Sunday.”

The multimillionaire racehorse owner suggested there could be a legal battle to reinstate the Bulls’ six points.

He said: “Mandy will also need to look at the legality of having the six points deducted. There could be some interesting times ahead.”

* The Bulls' Under-19s side suffered a 42-16 home defeat at the hands of Huddersfield last night.

Kyle Moore, Ross Oakes and Alex Mellor touched down for Richard Tunningley’s side, with Adam Brook kicking two goals.