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Full-time - Hull FC 44 Bradford Bulls 16

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Loadofbull70 6:36pm Fri 7 Mar 14
Good luck Bulls wearing my shirt with pride !
Score: 0
Solomon Grundy 7:30pm Fri 7 Mar 14
Good luck tonight guys, listening on BCB - COME ON YOU BULLS!!!
Score: 1
bradfordbronco 9:28pm Fri 7 Mar 14
Sounds like a poor a performance against a very good team. Hopefully the kick up the backside we need. Don't mind losing, but playing badly, missing tackles and making so many mistakes isn't excusable, even for the Bulls. Get it sorted out
Score: 2
jac&zac 11:00pm Fri 7 Mar 14
a poor performance tonight but, the coach and players have had another week of uncertainty. this looked like a bridge too far mentally. the future needs sorting asap before the players reach burn out. now is the time for our chief executive to earn money!
Score: 2
nosher 11:16pm Fri 7 Mar 14
No more than I expected to be honest. The only thing our chief executive was good at, he stopped doing many many years ago. Get him out.
Score: -2
jac&zac 11:23pm Fri 7 Mar 14
I don't agree with get him out. I think he is good for the club. I just think he has been quiet this week and needs to say something.
Score: 0
raisemeup 11:24pm Fri 7 Mar 14
The Administrator rules everything as far as I'm aware and the only thing the Bulls can do is keep on going until we see some light at the end of the tunnel. Lets hope it's soon for all our sakes. Think we are all fed up with the uncertainty of what is happening. No blame attached to anyone - just circumstances. Well done the team and coach who must be under extreme pressure.
Score: 4
jac&zac 11:28pm Fri 7 Mar 14
you are right raisemeup. I think Robbie could get a word in somehow.
Score: 0
bradfordbronco 7:08am Sat 8 Mar 14
The players now have 8 days to prepare for the Huddersfield match. They are getting paid and they will continue to so. They might have agents trying to distract and offer them advice, them but the best thing they can do is put in good performances. Everything else will take care of its itself. If they get relegated most of them will have to find other clubs anyway. as will the players of Wakefield/ Catalans/ London or Hull KR. Our players are only slightly less secure than players of some of the other clubs. Time to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and actually earn the money they are being paid I know its not easy but there's people in worse situations. I'm tired of us making excuses for playing badly. I didn't expect them to win this one but I did expect them to play at their best. If we do get a buyer some of them will have to improve if they expect a contract next year. perhaps they're hoping to get relegated so they can play at their level next year. I don't care if we lose every game but players like Addy,Donaldson, Sidlow, Purtell etc are playing well and some of the others are letting them down by kicking out on the full, missing tackles, dropping the ball. Its basic mistakes that are giving us no chance
Score: 0

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