BullBuilder say the supporters' trust will become “more important than ever” following the Bulls’ latest spell in administration.

They will hold their annual general meeting on Wednesday, March 12 as they look to continue their recent efforts to re-launch the organisation.

BullBuilder was founded to raise funds on the fans' behalf, offering support to the club's academy system while making the Bulls an attractive destination for Super League's rising stars.

Spokesman Mike Farren said: “Although it may seem tempting to despair at times like this about how much the wonderful supporters of the Bulls have been battered by events, we at BullBuilder think that it is more important than ever to have a representative, dynamic supporters' trust.”

BullBuilder raised almost £29,000 at the height of the Bulls' financial crisis in 2012 and set up a hardship fund to provide support to staff who had been made redundant, including coach Mick Potter, following the club's slide into administration.

BullBuilder have been dormant for the past year but recently held an open discussion with people interested in becoming involved in the organisation.

Farren said of the Bulls' current plight: “So many parties are suffering as a result of the continuing uncertainty.

“Staff have already lost their livelihoods in previous round of cuts and those who remain have once again had their futures thrown into doubt.

“The same is true of players, who are being asked to focus and put their bodies on the line against such a worrying backdrop.

“Creditors, too, surely need clarity about how the club will emerge from administration.

“However, the suffering parties for whom we can speak most directly are the fans.

“Bradford Bulls fans have gone through much over the last few seasons and have made efforts far beyond those normally expected of supporters.

“They were at the heart of efforts that raised £500,000 in an attempt to save the club.

“Through BullBuilder, money was also raised that enabled staff and players to continue during the previous administration, so that the club could keep going until a buyer could be found.

“All of these efforts had at their heart people who really just wanted to support their club and watch their favourite sport.”

Details of the annual meeting are set to be announced shortly.