It has been yet another tumultuous week for the players, staff and supporters of Bradford Bulls.

We learnt on Tuesday we were being deducted six points and that the board of directors were withdrawing their bid to buy the club.

I found out about it from an e-mail, and it was a pretty poor day to be quite honest.

I must admit I started thinking the worst straightaway, so I waited until Wednesday morning when I could speak to someone in the know at training.

Among the squad, we were all tossing different things up and, while we’ve had a bit of peace of mind, it’s still stressful.

I’m not going to lie - most of what the administrator said went straight over my head.

I speak to Disko about what’s going on.

He’s the father figure of this team and he’s the one we go to get it all broken down.

I just go to Disko to get my answers about the impact and implications of the club being in administration and such like.

He translated it and it went something like, ‘We’re going to be all right Foz, don’t worry and keep playing.’

There are some very fickle people out there, they jump on the bandwagon but it’s changed nothing about thinking about things.

It’s not made me any less interested in being here. I don’t want to go anywhere else.

I’m committed to being here at Bradford Bulls under Francis Cummins and we’re all pulling the same direction.

From all the things we’ve gone through, we want success and we want to do well.

Because we’ve had the tough times, we want to enjoy the good times and that means getting two points against London this weekend.

We’re going to be missing Lee Gaskell for a few weeks, and that’s a bitter blow because he’s such a class player, but it’s just another obstacle we’re going to have to overcome.

Roll on Sunday.