East Bradford Cycling Club are reaping the benefits of a boom in the sport following British success at the London Olympics and in the Tour de France.

Saturday Bike Club youth members at East Bradford turned out in force for their latest outing at Spen Valley High School, which was hailed as the biggest field in living memory.

Under-16 rider George Fox won his race, while national cyclo-cross under-14 champion Euan Cameron move up a year to win the under-15 event. Freya Brearley and Luke O’Connell were second in the under-nine girls and under-13 boys races respectively.

Sebastien Cuming finished third in the under-nine boys and, with George Taylor and Alasdair Clarke, won the team prize for the Froebelian School in Leeds.

Harry Fox was fourth in the under-seven boys, a position matched by Jamie Asquith in the under-11 boys, while ten other members finished in the top ten of their respective age categories.

Saturday Bike Club spokesman Mike Healey said: “In the 18 months since Tour de France and Olympic glory, the numbers taking part and the level of competition is raising the bar ever higher and I’m delighted to say that our members are meeting that challenge.”

Club coach Mandy Parker praised Emily Tidmarsh and her organising team from the Kirklees Cycling Academy for running the biggest field in this championship, with well over 100 entrants, for many years. “I can’t remember a field as big as this since I became involved in the sport nearly 12 years ago,” she said.

“The level of competition is at an all-time high, partly as a result of Olympic, world and Tour de France successes but also because people from non-cycling backgrounds are realising how much cycling, both as a sport and a healthy activity, can offer their children.”