It looks certain that we will be coming up against Jarrod Sammut tonight and you couldn’t really make it up.

He’s a good player and would get into most Super League teams.

I would say we know how he plays…. but I don’t think even Jarrod knows how he plays!

He’s so off the cuff and he’s going to be difficult to stop but it’s not just about targeting one man.

If we try and get under Jarrod’s skin or upset him then somebody else will run past you so we’re just concentrating on doing a job.

I’m sure we’ll have a conversation in the bar afterwards and a drink together but we’re not friends when we’re playing, it’s as simple as that.

I’m sure Jarrod is exactly the same and it’s professional sport, so it wouldn’t be right if we took our foot off the pedal just because we know each other.

It’s just not the way it works. Above all, if we want to improve and we want to win then we have to get a result.

It’s a big game already so early in the season and we’re not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes because we understand the significance of it.

With all respect to Wakefield, they are probably one of those teams who are going to be in the mix to stay up with us.

So we’ve got to beat them, we have to knock them over – it’s as simple as that.

It was disappointing to lose against Cas on Sunday, which makes tonight’s game even more important.

It was more of a forwards game and Cas played really well in that middle and I think they’re going to shock a few people this year.

On a personal note, I thought I played all right – I didn’t miss any tackles or make any errors – and was pleased to get off the mark with a try.

If I can keep that up then I will continue to bring something to the team.

We have a long turnaround after tonight’s game, so we don’t want to be going into that with our heads down.

If we win tonight, we’ll be buzzing for the next week.