Jamie Foster column

I was watching Boots ‘n’ All with my grandad this week and I managed to last about ten minutes.

As soon as they started talking about relegation and Bradford, I thought ‘it’s a good job none of these pundits have to make any tackles or be stood next to us in the line’. We don’t need any negativity and if anything we’re aiming to go one better than last season and claim a play-off spot.

Yes, there was some disappointing news with Garreth Carvell leaving and that was his decision. But sometimes you’ve got to look after yourself and your family and I’ve got a lot of respect for the guy.

I had only known him for a few months but I really did take to him and would have liked to have played with him for a couple of years. He’s moved on, and good luck to him, but we’ve just got to concentrate on what we’re doing.

On the flip side, Luke Gale has extended his contract at the club and that’s massive news. When Galey is happy – probably the main half-back in your team – then probably everyone around him is going to be happy too.

I’m chuffed for him and have got really close to him since I joined the club, probably more than anyone, so I’m delighted he’s staying.

There is always speculation about players leaving and there is no doubt that other clubs would like to cherry-pick Bradford’s best players. But I’m inside the camp and I can tell you that we are a tight-knit group who want to do well for Bradford.

Above all perhaps, we want to do well for Franny after some of the things he’s had to put up with. He has been faced with certain situations and has had to speak to 30 blokes and explain about salaries and everything else.

We just want to do well for Franny and I will take a lot of satisfaction in him talking about a good team performance. Let’s just crack on this year now – starting with a win against Castleford this weekend.