Andrew Davies column

It was a shame to say goodbye to Luke Oliver because he’s a really good friend of mine.

Luke has been a fantastic servant for the club and it was a pleasure playing and training with him. He’s a great bloke.

I loved playing next to him. He was very solid, he was a good communicator – and he never lost a header.

Unfortunately since we went up he kind of fell away a bit because he’d been out so long. But he deserves a lot of credit for coming back from injuries that could have been career-threatening.

In the two games I played with him this season, he did quite well considering he’d been out for so long.

You’re always going to be a little rusty when you haven’t played for a while and that was the case with Luke. But he just needs to play regular games again and he’ll get that with Forest Green.

They’ve got a really good defender in from League One and he’s got the chance to be the main man there.

Luke will be a big player in that league and if he has a good half a season, I’m sure there will be plenty of clubs taking an interest.

It was the right decision for me not to play at Wolves. Having been out for four months and not done a lot of training, I personally felt it was a little bit too quick to play two games in four days. And it wouldn’t have been ideal for me with us going down to ten men again.

The good thing is that, after a weekend’s rest, I’ve had a couple of days of good training and I’m raring to go on Saturday.

We need the three points against Crewe. We’re not naive enough to think we’re doing well when we haven’t won for so long, especially at home. I’m sure once we can get that first win, things will start to take off again.

We’ve got new players coming in and they’ve got to make an impact and push us forward. It’s the same with Aaron – once he gets off the mark, I’m sure the goals will come and we’ll be firing on all cylinders.