It was painful getting out of bed on Wednesday morning – but it was worth it to be back playing again.

It’s what you’ve worked hard for during all those hours in the gym. Everything was geared towards getting back on that pitch.

There’s pressure on you to do well but I love all that. It’s what it’s all about and, having come back from injury before, I know how to get my body through games.

The knee was a little bit sore towards the end but I expected that. I’ve obviously not had much training or any reserve games but the timing was there and I didn’t feel rusty.

The gaffer had a laugh about me appearing on the left wing a couple of times. I forgot I was 29 and thought I was 18 again!

I even surprised myself with the crosses I got in. It would have been brilliant if Hans had got on the end of one.

If it takes me running 60 yards up the pitch to create room for someone else, then I’ll do that. I will push myself to the limit, no matter what the situation is.

But I don’t think I’ve got a new career as a winger. It was just the excitement of being back again.

The biggest problem was running back afterwards. It’s a long way to the other end of the pitch!

With both teams down to ten men, there was more room to play in, which didn’t make it any easier as a defender. It was end to end but we’re happy with the clean sheet – it would have been even better if we could have nicked the win.

Wolves away is a game everybody wants to play in. You want to play against the best in a good stadium and I know we can get a result there if we perform.

No disrespect to places like Accrington Stanley and Wimbledon last season but you play those sort of games to get into this position.

When the opportunity finally comes around, you’ve got to grab it with both hands and go out there and express yourself.