Phil Parkinson is happy to go beyond the transfer deadline to land the right left back.

Matthew Bates is expected to continue in the role tonight after taking over in the second half against Sheffield United.

Parkinson’s hunt for a specialist goes on but the approaching emergency loan window – which starts a week after the January one shuts – gives him extra time to manoeuvre.

The City boss said: “We’re speaking to several people but, as I keep saying, it’s the trickiest position to get a left back with experience. Teams don’t want to give them up.

“In an ideal world we’ll get a left back by Friday to strengthen the squad. But we haven’t managed to do it so far.

“We’ve also got the option of the loan window, so it doesn’t have to be done by then. We need to make sure it’s the right call.”

Parkinson confirmed exits are expected, with Alan Connell in particular set to quit Valley Parade this week. His former club Grimsby are among those interested.