BullBuilder are hoping tomorrow’s meeting at the Provident Stadium will see a number of new board members appointed as the “revitalised” supporters’ trust relaunches.

The trust raised almost £29,000 at the height of the Bulls’ financial crisis in 2012 and set up a hardship fund to provide financial support to staff who had been made redundant, including coach Mick Potter, following the club’s slide into administration.

BullBuilder have been dormant for the past year but will hold an open discussion with people interested in becoming involved in the organisation.

The trust was founded to raise funds on the fans’ behalf, offering support to the club’s academy system while making the Bulls an attractive destination for Super League’s rising stars.

Spokesman Mike Farren said: “I think it’s fair to say that the reason we weren’t active last year was because we had formed with the intention of providing support to the junior teams and targeting that support.

“But the previous regime at the club were keen to retain more control of things and we weren’t really able to work with them to target where our fundraising went.

“They also took on a lot more responsibility for running events, which affected our ability to raise funds. Therefore we just decided to be dormant for a year.

“But now we are effectively looking for new board members and need new blood to take the organisation forward.”

Earlier this month BullBuilder held talks with club officials, including the possibility of the trust providing a vehicle for fan investment in the Bulls.

Farren added: “The talks we have had so far with the current regime at the club suggest that they would be happy to work with a revitalised BullBuilder.

“It’s about us working on a targeted basis to ensure we work for the benefits of junior players.

“The idea in the past is that we have targeted things that the club wouldn’t otherwise provide.”

The trust has in the past provided Bradford’s young talent with extra training kit and assisted with transport, while funding beneficial team-building trips and helping to maintain the club’s Tong training base.

The Bulls’ current regime have spoken about the possibility of dispensing with the training facility at Tong in order to save costs but Farren is hoping that can be avoided.

He said: “We have invested in Tong already – for example, the floodlights we had put on the training pitch there – and it would be a shame to see that investment lost. It’s certainly an avenue for discussion.”

Tomorrow’s meeting will take place in the Conference & Banqueting Stand at 7.30pm.