Andrew Davies column

It was massively sad news to lose Kyel Reid for so long. He’s playing week in, week out, doing well for us, then in one split second his season is over and he’s out for up to eight months.

Reidy comes in for a little bit of flak at times but that’s only because we know how good he can be on his day. He frightens defenders to death and that’s why some people get on his back occasionally when he isn’t doing it.

Losing him and Mezza (James Meredith) together has really hit us because that left side has been such a big part in getting Bradford where we are.

Injuries come with the sport. I know that far too well. I’ve had everything from broken legs to fractured cheek bones, keeping me out for three months, six months – even 12 months.

You think your career is over. I was only 19 when I broke my leg and missed the next year. That’s where the people close to you, your family and friends, are so important. They comfort you and keep your spirits up, stopping you from constantly wondering how long you will take to recover.

From past experience, it’s not the injury that is the biggest issue. The surgeons these days will fix you, no problem. Matthew Bates has suffered what Reidy’s going through five times and still come back.

It’s how you look after yourself with the rehab’ that is key. My good mate Jonathan Woodgate has obviously suffered a lot of injuries and he says the same thing.

Every part of the recovery process counts – obeying the staff, each individual session in the gym, swimming, your diet, all of it. If you keep on top of things, you’ll find it is a little bit easier when you do finally get running and moving outside again. That’s certainly the case with me.

The people around Reidy now, the hospital staff, Matt the physio and Nick Allamby, have seen all these injuries before. Nothing is new to them.

Nick was at Middlesbrough when Batesy had his knee injuries; Steve Bollen is just round the corner and he’s renowned as one of the best surgeons in the country. He did my knees and I think he’s a fantastic surgeon.

Reidy couldn’t be in any better hands, so fingers crossed he will listen to everything. He’s got to be mentally strong because it is very hard. But do that and follow all the instructions and advice and I’m sure he will come back stronger.