So here’s your starter for ten: How do City occupy the mind-numbing hours stuck on the coach to Devon?

Answer: By competing in Alan Connell’s infamous pop quiz!

The Bantams have become all too familiar with the long and winding road down to the south-west.

This afternoon’s clash at Torquay will be their third at the far end of the M5 within the space of three weeks following equally long hauls to Plymouth and Exeter.

But there is one antidote to the boredom of spending the interminable journeys on the bus. Step forward Connell and his musical conundrums.

The striker has become the official quiz master on these trips – and it’s serious stuff.

Midfielder Will Atkinson said: “Al’s obviously got a bit too much spare time, so he likes to go home and prepare an Ipod quiz. He plays the intro to the song and you have to write down the name and the artist.

“He is quite strict and not easily swayed. But he does a good job with the detail he goes into, with bonus points awarded and things like that!”

The players are even split up into rival teams and Atkinson believes his group has got all bases covered.

“On my table, there’s Rory McArdle, Matt Duke, Jonny Mac and me. We’ve got a good blend of youth and experience as well as a few good brains.

“Dukey comes up with the 1960s and ’70s stuff and we do the rest!

“It’s not ideal preparation when you’re sat on a bus for five hours so you do everything you can. It’s good fun and it does cut the journey down.”

Atkinson is well used to that far-flung corner of the country. He spent the first half of last season on loan with Plymouth before heading back north with City.

“You soon realise how far away it is,” he added. “When you’re playing down there, the majority of games are overnight trips.

“Even when you’ve got the closer teams, you still tend to have to go the day before. You do have to consider that (when you sign) but at the time it was what I needed.

“The worst thing about the trips is on the way back if you’ve lost. Get a good result and it flies by with the music on full blast and everyone having a sing-a-long.”

Torquay are still looking over their shoulders in the fight for survival at the foot of the table. Atkinson knows City can expect a real dogfight.

He said: “You think looking at the league table that we should go there and turn them over. But they’ll be scrapping for their lives, their jobs and everything.

“They need the points as much as we do, so it’s going to be a hard-fought game. Also, the pitches aren’t good this time of year so you have to be prepared to battle.

“We went there last season when they were flying and we were near the bottom and beat them 2-1 in the pouring rain. That was a really good performance and we’d settle for a repeat of that.”