Ricky Ravenhill column: It’s great to see Bradford City getting so much positive coverage this week.

Everyone’s wanting interviews and there are TV cameras everywhere. It’s been such positive publicity since we beat Arsenal.

This is such a big club and it’s important we are in the spotlight and for the right reasons. It wasn’t like that last year after Crawley but now it’s all good news and there is a huge buzz around the place and the city.

The team are getting the credit they deserve after an unbelievable night, especially against such a strong Arsenal side.

It was a huge compliment to us when you saw Arsene Wenger’s team sheet. That showed how much they wanted to progress and win the competition.

Dukey came good at the end with some important saves in extra-time but throughout most of the 90 minutes, we restricted them.

We rattled them early on and then Thommo scored to give us something to protect. I don’t think Arsenal knew what to expect.

The pitch was probably not as they liked and they didn’t get everything their own way. We had a game plan which we stuck to and I don’t think anyone can deny we deserved it.

But for everything we are doing in the cup games and the money it’s generating for the club, we’d all swap it in an instant for winning promotion.

We couldn’t wish for a tougher game coming off the back of Tuesday than a trip to Southend. They are flying at the moment and the form team of the division.

We’ve got good memories from winning there last season. It was one of my first games for the club and very different circumstances because we couldn’t buy an away win at that time.

I’d take another result like that again on Saturday because at the moment it’s so tight up there.

Win a couple and you jump right up and think you’re doing well. But the next minute you lose one and all of a sudden you’re looking over your shoulder to stay in the play-off places.

It would be nice to get a bit of breathing space by creating a gap to stay in the top seven.