Ricky Ravenhill column: We all just hope and pray that John Egan will make a speedy recovery from his injury.

Sometimes those clean breaks heal better than a complicated ligament tear and I’ve no doubt he will come back and become a very good player.

It’s the ugly side of football that you don’t like to see but unfortunately it does happen. One minute you’re up, the next you’re down.

You don’t want to see it happen to anyone, especially when it’s someone you are close to and play with. John’s a lovely lad and a good professional.

He has played well in every game for us. To fill the boots of Olly and Dava was a big ask for him but I thought he did it superbly and we are going to miss him.

John is also a strong character and I’m sure he will bounce back. He has got age on his side and he’s at a good club in Sunderland who will give him the best support and facilities to aid his recovery.

It was upsetting when it happened and a few of the lads said they heard the crack. To see the distress John was in did throw us for a bit.

But you’ve got to get on with the game and it gave us that extra incentive to get the three points. Hopefully it gave him a little bit of bright news when he came round to hear that we had won.

It was never going to be an easy game. Plymouth stayed up from the weekend so they’d had a lot of rest and I think they are a better team than their position.

It wasn’t pretty but the lads dug in. We were all disappointed with Saturday but we knew that was only a blip and had to make sure we put it right.

You want to play better but every successful team gets wins like that throughout the season. It’s a good sign that you can still pick up results even if you don’t perform particularly well.