The search for an Eccleshill United head coach is ongoing at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium but director of football Mark Ellis is busy recruiting the players to work under the new man.

The former Bantams winger is United’s director of football and he has a vision for the club.

He hopes that will run alongside his Leeds-based academy for overseas players for Richmond University (RIASA) but insists the club will not be taken over by it.

“I want to do things a bit differently up at Eccleshill, and it is at least a two-year project,” said the forward-thinking UEFA A-licensed coach.

Ellis had spoken about running it ‘like a European club’ when his friend and colleague Ian Banks decided to end his stint in the hot-seat last month.

Ellis said: “I am bringing some players in and we want to bring local talent through - we want to give young local lads a route into football. That is one of our core objectives and always will be.

“I think people are looking at the American lads from the RIASA programme and thinking that is all we want but I believe we need a balance and the team must have a backbone of good local players who can be coached into playing a certain way. We want to develop entertaining, skilful footballers.

“I am working closely with the FC United of Manchester manager with the programme (RIASA) and he has offered me a good player. I am also looking to bring in a couple of lads from Bradford City on work experience for a few weeks.

“I have strong links at City and there is no reason why that shouldn’t be a benefit to Eccleshill.”