YEADON A lost ground in the Division One title race after being beaten for the second week running in the Bradford Summer Table Tennis League.

Their first defeat of the season at Hermits A was followed by another setback at Embassy A.

Jak Dabrowski led the Embassy charge with three singles, including a 14-12 fifth-game verdict over John Chew.

Tony Boyd added two singles and also beat Chew in five games, while Andrew Braithwaite tagged on a single as Embassy were 7-3 victors.

It is still neck and neck at the top of Division Two as Unity and Hermits B continue to dominate.

Unity had a 10-0 success over Hermits D to leave them four points clear but Hermits B have a game in hand.

Division One: Yeadon B 4, Hermits A 6; Embassy A 7, Yeadon A 3; Yeadon C 10, Yeadon B 0; Hermits A 7, Yeadon A 3. Division Two: Hermits D 0, Hermits B 10; Unity 9, Hermits E 1; Embassy B 7, Hermits C 3; Hermits D 1, Embassy B 9; Hermits C 3, Unity 7; Hermits B 10, Hermits E 0; Unity 10, Hermits D 9.