Bulls chairman Marc Green says he will make a decision next week on whether to take further legal action against the club’s six-point penalty.

Green has already seen his appeal to win back the points fail after an independent Sporting Sanctions Appeal Panel upheld the punishment last week.

But Green is still considering pursuing the matter in the High Court and will make a call after tomorrow’s game with Hull KR.

He said: “In respect of the points deduction, despite this being unpopular with others in the game, the club will be making a decision next week as to whether to take matters to the High Court.

“While I appreciate the comments made suggesting we should accept our medicine and move on, I can only acquiesce to such thought process if I am satisfied the original decision was correct.

“Just because a doctor provides a diagnosis, it does not mean you are not entitled to a second opinion.

“The issues surrounding the points deduction and our appeal were and remain extremely complex.

“However, we believe the decision reached by the Sporting Sanctions Appeals Panel was not only flawed but completely wrong and, as a result, I am willing to continue fighting the fight for this great club.

“If, however, we are relegated, we will put every effort into returning in the quickest time possible.

“The club will operate a full-time first team and there will be no redundancies as a result of relegation, in any department.”

In a curious statement, Green also called on lapsed fans to return to back the club ahead of tomorrow’s game.

He added: “I recall, thinking of the other shaped ball, teams such as Manchester City – who at one stage slumped to the third tier of English football – Manchester United, Newcastle United and Sunderland all relegated.

“As a result, they found themselves going up against the likes of Plymouth Argyle, Yeovil and Exeter City to name but a few. I also recall teams, such as, Luton Town, Coventry City, and Wimbledon, who were all regular top-flight teams, who even went on to win trophies, but have failed to return.

“You may ask what was the fundamental difference? The answer is simple, it is you – the supporters.

“The teams who have returned to the lofty heights of the top flight of football's Premier Division (and did so before being purchased by the billionaires currently owning them), did so because their crowds never dropped and their fans bought into the plan, which is what I am asking ours to do, should the remainder of the season not pan out as we all hope.

“We recently celebrated the 70th Anniversary of D-Day and, while I and no doubt most of you are to young to have been there, the success of the operation was only achieved as a result of a combined effort by all forces, in complete contrast to the tragedy of Dunkirk which came a few years earlier, when a single, stand-alone force failed.”