Heaton Tennis Club are again running their Search For A Star competition.

Children aged from four to 11 are invited to the club on Sunday, June 29 (10am-12.30pm) for a free morning’s tennis, with the potential to be offered a scholarship worth over £600.

Heaton’s head coach Matt McTurk, who has twice won the Yorkshire men’s doubles title, said: “Tennis is a unique sport which has so many crossovers from other sports.

“It incorporates striking, catching, throwing and running, and on top of all this it is a sport that can be played for a lifetime, as well as with your family.

“The Search for a Star campaign started in 2013 with great success, and last year’s winner Joe Dempsey has been making great progress during his scholarship year.

“We are so proud of how far Joe’s tennis has come since we first spotted him last year. Joe has a great deal of potential and could be one to watch.”