Yorkshire Parks began their defence of the British Parks Championship with a 20-11 win over Birkenhead, the team they beat in last year’s semi-final.

The home match was played at Pudsey, with Yorkshire carding ten out of 12 winners, with the away match at Roydon Hall BC, where Yorkshire managed five winners.

On a cloudy day, first to the green was Tony Green against Birkenhead reserve Brian Sommerville, who set the first mark and scored with a single, before Green replied with his own single at the second end.

After 13 ends Green held a narrow 8-7 lead, before things started to go Green’s way, as he strung together a break of 13 which included four doubles to take the game 21-7. An excellent performance by the Whitkirk bowler.

Meanwhile, game two was under way, with Bob Whitfield and Andy Hayes. Whitfield got off to a nightmare start, going 16-0 down, before he managed a single on the 12th end.

To be fair, Whitfield wasn’t playing that bad but whenever he got on Hayes managed to beat it.

Hayes regained the jack on end 13 with a single, followed by a double on the next end, as the Birkenhead bowler stood at 19-1. Whitfield won the next three ends with two singles and a double but this was to be his last score as Hayes got two singles to see the game out 21-5.

Game three was between Jon Edmondson and Mick Andrews, which turned out to be the longest of the afternoon.

Edmondson took an early lead to go 12-7 in front but by the 15th end he had been pegged back by Andrews, who scored three consecutive doubles to take the lead 13-12.

Eight ends later and the scores were level at 17-across. Edmondson then took control and only allowed Hayes one more chalk to Edmondson’s brace of doubles. A well-fought win by Edmondson, getting home 21-18.

Last of the first four was the baby of the team, 16-year-old Josh Mordue against Mike Eccles.

Mordue carded a double at the first end and was never headed in the game. By the ninth end he was 10-4 in front, which soon became 14-8.

Scoring twos in this game went a long way to securing victory for young Mordue, as he out-scored his opponent with seven doubles to three. Mordue’s last four scoring shots before he scored a single for game were doubles, as he finally got home 21-13.

Next up was Hanging Heaton’s Simon Walder, against Peter Jones.

There was nothing in this game for the first dozen ends, as Jones held an 8-6 lead. Walder then upped the ante with three successive pairs to go in front at 12-8.

A single-single combination from Jones was quickly followed by a double from Walder. Two ends later, the score was 14-12 in favour of the home man. Walder only allowed Jones another two-chalks as he passed the winning line 21-14.

The man that has done so much for Yorkshire Parks bowling, Tony Riley, was next to the green with opponent Liam McEgan.

Riley was on top of his game, although the score was tied at 6-across at the 11th end. Riley then asserted his authority and was soon 13-6 in front. A single to his opponent on the 17th end made the score 13-7, before Riley chalked a six-break to put himself of the brink of victory at 19-7.

McEgan got one more single before Riley finished the game with a double to get home 21-8. An excellent performance by the skipper.

Former CGBA captain Peter Jagger was next up against Steve Harrison. Jagger kicked off with a double, but then found himself 3-2 behind. Jagger then nudged ahead over the next few ends and by the 17th end was 14-9 in front.

Again ends were swapped, as Harrison managed another five chalks, but it wasn’t enough as Jagger outscored him by two chalks to take the game 21-14.

Following game seven was Harry Seehra against Jamie Smith. Seehra took an early lead and by the tenth end was 10-6 in front, which then became 16-8 with Seehra on top form.

Four singles by Smith got him within four of Seehra at 16-12 but this was to be his last effort as Seehra saw the game out with a single-double-double, winning 21-12 Paul Gill and Nigel Hughes were up next at game nine, with Hughes opening up a narrow 11-8 lead.

The scoring was very much even stevens, as Gill edged in front at 14-13. Hughes then upped his game, scoring four doubles to take the rubber 21-14, leaving Gill shell-shocked.

Mark Regan went on at number ten and bowled superb throughout. His adversary was Luke Sandland, but with Regan in scintillating form, he soon found himself 16-4 behind.

Two singles from the Birkenhead man saw him reach six, where he ground to a halt, as Regan scored two doubles and a single to take the game 21-6.

The penultimate game was between the charismatic Stuart King and Wayne Jevons. This was another game that was pretty even early on, and by the 12th end it was 10-9 in favour of Jevons.

King then had a break of five to go 14-10 in front, which soon became 18-11, before Jevons scored two singles to reduce the deficit to 18-13. He was putting up stiff resistance and scrambled to 17 before King finished the game with the three chalks he needed to take the game 21-17.

The last game of the match was between current CGBA player manager Chris Mordue and John Roberts. This game was even early on with the score at 9-8 to Roberts, before Mordue carded a seven-break to take the lead 15-9.

Roberts replied with two singles, quickly followed by double by Mordue, so at 17-11 the game appeared all over. Roberts did get another three chalks but it wasn’t enough as Mordue finished the match with a 21-14 victory.

In the away match at Roydon Hall BC, Yorkshire carded an impressive five away winners, losing the aggregate by only 26 chalks.

Starring for the away team were Andy Gilroy (21-8), Danny Metcalfe (21-13), Ian Shaw (21-16), Danny Towning (21-18) and Craig Hebbard (21-20).

With the home side winning the aggregate by 64-chalks, it ensured that Yorkshire took the three bonus points. Next up for Yorkshire are Greater Manchester on Sunday, May 18.

Scores from Pudsey – Tony Green 21, Brian Sommerville 7; Bob Whitfield 5, Andy Hayes 21; Jon Edmondson 21, Mich Andrews 18; Josh Mordue 21, Mike Eccles 13; Simon Walder 21, Peter Jones 14; Tony Riley 21, Liam McEgan 8; Peter Jagger 21, Steve Harrison 14; Harry Seehra 21, Jamie Smith 12; Paul Gill 14, Nigel Hughes 21; Mark Regan 21, Luke Sandland 6; Stuart King 21, Wayne Jevons 17; Chris Mordue 21, John Roberts 14. Yorkshire 229 (12), Birkenhead 165 (2).

Scores from Roydon Hall BC – Mick Smith 13, John Finch 21; Paul Hillam 5, Chris Motley 21; Danny Towning 21, James Whalley 18; Craig Hebbard 21, Chris Eccles 20; Ian Shaw 21, Mike Whalley 16; Paul Rooks 12, Brian Hanson 21; Andy Gilroy 21, Geoff McAdam 8; Andy Tate 19, Peter Hammond 21; Danny Metcalfe 21, Tony Sullivan 13; Neil Mylan 15, Jon Ellis 21; Tom Hanson 19, James Motley 21; Peter Clark 8, Nick Burridge 21. Yorkshire 196 (5), Birkenhead 222 (9).

Yorkshire ladies opened up with a 411-377 win over Cumbria in their County Championship opener.

In the home match at Hove Edge BC, Yorkshire managed nine winners, with Cumbria finding three winners late in the game. The away match was played at Lindal BC, and despite a great 21-5 from away captain Andrea Buckley, Yorkshire lost the aggregate by 25 chalks, but won by 34 chalks overall.

Scores from Hove Edge BC – Linda Gledhill 21, Jane Glaister 18; Alicia Ormsby 21, Doreen Robinson 15; Karen Whitefoot 21, Hazel Borradaile 7; Suzanne Howarth 21, Nina Waite 9; Karen Gant 21, Barbara Hudson 11; Julie Best 21, Jo Milsom 10; Lynn Carter 21, Gillian Balderstone 13; Diane Radlciffe 21, Mary Smith 10; Katy Atkinson 16, Joyce Foxcroft 21; Julie Mallinson 21, Margaret Scott 16; Jacqui Roper 18, Christine Ainscough 21; Suzy Ladbrooke 8, Violet Dennison 21. Yorkshire 231, Cumbria 172.

Scores from Lindal BC – Alexis Lunn-Gadd 21, Marion Alexander 14; Dawn Bray 18, Audrey Silvester 21; Katie Turner 12, Caroline Bushell 21; Helen Gilroy 11, Jess Wernham 21; Amanda Hagen 18, Wendy Holmes 21; Laura Middleton 10, Vanessa Shepherd 21; Cathy Rushton 10, Sandra Wood 21; Joanne Ellis 21, Glynis McDonalds 11; Lisa Rice 15, Thelma McBratney 21; Karen Hill 2, Marion Birkbeck 21; Sharon Gadd 21, Yvonne Bughley 7; Andrea Buckley 21, Emma Thornton 5. Yorkshire 180, Cumbria 205.

Today is the closing date for all team competitions. Clubs should be aware that all team competitions will be played on Fridays in the early rounds.

Another change for 2014 is in the Howarth Cup, with teams now consisting of eight players. Entries are looking promising:

Howarth Cup – Asa Briggs A, Asa Briggs B, Birkenshaw, Brackenhill, Bradford Moor, Clayton A, Clayton B, Harold Park, Hove Edge, Salts, Shipley Club, Tyersal, Wyke; (13 entries); Four-a-Side KO, sponsored by Kolorco (Printers) – Asa Briggs A, Asa Briggs B, Asa Briggs C, Asa Briggs D, Birkenshaw A, Birkenshaw B, Brackenhill A, Brackenhill B, Clayton A, Clayton B, Drighlington, Harold Park, Salts, Shipley Club A, Shipley Club B, Shipley Club C, Tyersal, Wyke A, Wyke B; (19 entries); Pairs KO, sponsored by Leeming & Peel Ltd – Asa Briggs A, Asa Briggs B, Birkenshaw, Brackenhill, Bradford Moor, Clayton A, Clayton B, Salts, Shipley Club, Wyke; (10 entries).

Clubs can still enter by e-mailing John Preston at johnapreston@btinternet.com Entries are still been taken for the Martin S Lonsdale (Estate Agents)-sponsored Bradford Pairs Merit. It takes place at Wibsey Park on Sunday, May 11, with a 10.30am start and scratch. Entry fee is £5 per pair. Anyone interested should contact Norman Lickley on 01943-884323.

Clubs should be aware that Royd House B have withdrawn from the Half Holiday League (Division Three – Peter Gilroy). Teams affected are: Ladyhill B, Horton B, Oakenshaw B, Greengates, Thornton A, Lister A, Bowling A, Wibsey B, Salts, West Bradford B and West B.