SIR - Theresa May looked interviewer Andrew Marr straight in the eye on his Sunday TV show and gave the impression, despite all the well-documented problems, that she felt everything in the NHS is under control and going to plan.

Does she really believe this or does she still think she can fool the general public, even some of the time?

The truth is, that the NHS is greatly underfunded and no amount of wishful thinking, twisting of the facts or downright lies can disguise that situation.

The Government is now spending less on health than other comparable western European countries and we are seeing the results after years of austerity and the failed Andrew Lansley NHS reforms. People want and expect, to be treated properly if/when they find themselves needing NHS treatment and care. But, right now, with all the cutting that has gone on which continues, many are being let down. Some have even died. The staff themselves know well enough just how bad it is and struggle to cope. They aren't allowed to speak out. It is a disaster but it is also a disgrace.

David Hornsby, West View Avenue, Wrose