SIR - There are those like Lord Adonis who could not accept the UK leaving the EU, even if the terms so agreed effectively retains our membership in all but name. Within this context he views the government's negotiations of our departure as inimical to the national interest and has thus urged for the referendum result to be disregarded.

There are however countless other people who had voted to leave and they are concerned that the government has made unnecessary concessions to the EU in terms of the large amounts offered as a divorce settlement and the continuing of future payments. At the time of the referendum it was widely envisaged that leaving would involve a clear and decisive departure.These people now feel that the government is betraying the "spirit of Brexit".

It is clear that a chasm separates these two views and that the country is divided in a manner not seen since the English Civil War.

It remains to be seen whether this situation, unlike the Civil War can be resolved sensibly and peacefully.

Alec Suchi, Allerton Road, Bradford