SIR - President Trump’s action in ordering the bombing of Syrian military-related targets will be supported by those who feel it is a just response to President Assad using a particularly nasty, banned weapon.

But ultimately it only increases the violence in a region that has known little else in recent years. And it is another foreign power doing it.

Other ways need to be found to reduce the violence, including the propensity of both President Assad and Isis to make war in Syria.

Only, the ordinary people - innocent civilians - lose out every time with their lives whilst their homes and areas lie in ruins.

Stopping Assad and Isis from acquiring arms, for example by stopping Isis selling oil, is one way to go about it.

But it shouldn’t be impossible for countries to work together to make progress here.

Russia is a problem, but surely not totally insurmountable.

But imagining that increasing the violence in that area of the world is the way to success, after all that has happened there over 14 years, seems like flawed logic.

David Hornsby, West View Avenue, Wrose