SIR – As leader of the Brexit campaign in Bradford, I would just like to wish all Bradfordians a Happy Brexit, (March 29).

Theresa May (pictured) finally triggered Article 50, meaning we are now leaving the European Union. I believe in decades to come, future generations will look back at the Brexit vote as one of the biggest moments in our country’s history.

The odds were stacked against us, the Tory government spent millions of pounds on a propaganda booklet to convince us to remain, the mainstream media became a laughing stock, warning of, among other things, a global recession, migrants’ camps in the south of England and World War 3 should we choose to be an independent country.

In Bradford, against all the odds, outmanned and outspent, Brexit campaigners stormed to victory, winning the national referenda and the vote in Bradford. British people stood tall and rejected the anti-democratic EU super state.

We should all be very proud of the part we played in this historic moment.

Jason Smith, Woodlands Avenue, Queensbury