SIR – Perry Austin-Clarke’s feature of March 21 was absolutely right to touch on the history and dubious technicalities of breaking up the Bradford District by Kexit and Sexit currently being promoted by those two respective Members of Parliament.

Prior to 1974 as an Ilkley Urban District Councillor and One Nation Tory then and still (and now a Remainer to boot) I supported absorption into the Metropolitan District on the basis that as human beings we have a greater responsibility than only to ourselves. The vast majority of the wealth of the outer more rural areas came originally from the City of Bradford and still does so today, emphasising our moral imperative to ensure the inequality gaps among all our citizens are narrowed. This narrowing will not happen if we split asunder, it will only get wider and failure to close inequality gaps will eventually lead to conflict.

The exciting potential of Bradford District is enormous but its brilliance will not shine brightly unless we all work together building on British values of respect, understanding, the rule of law and opportunities for all.

Any schism will not be in my name and not with my vote.

Cllr Dale Smith, Craven Park, Menston