SIR - In a remarkable conjunction, you published four letters putting both sides of the leave/remain argument on the same day (T&A letters, March 21).

Two - from John Cole and Colin Durkin - were a serious attempt to set out the problems and pitfalls which will confront our Brexit negotiators. On the other hand, those from Mr Pickup and Alan Chapman were no more that attempts to undermine the ‘remain’ case without offering any practical alternatives.

This, I suspect, is because no one on the ‘leave’ side from Theresa May downwards really knows what they want or how to achieve it.

An example of this confusion came from Mr Chapman a couple of weeks ago when he set out his opinion as to why leaving the Single European Market was not all bad.

He said that goods imported from the EU would suffer duties of so many billions. At the same time our exports would also bear duties but because we import more than we export we would ‘make a profit’. UK duties on exports disappeared at the end of the 18th century. Duties on goods imported from the UK are a matter for the importing country.

Brian Holmans, Langley Lane, Bingley