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Syria crisis: Can we avert a Third World War?

Posted on 12:01pm Monday 21st October 2013

Syria crisis: Can we avert a Third World War? by Dr Mohammed Iqbal

Is Pakistan on the brink of political chaos?

Posted on 5:57pm Monday 14th January 2013

An article on the current situation in Pakistan by Mohammed Ajeeb (CBE), First Asian Lord Mayor of Britain

What is a hero?

Posted on 2:38pm Friday 14th September 2012

What is a hero? And no, I’m not talking about chocolate, as I’m sure quite a few of you just so cleverly answered. ‘Hero’ is a word that has taken many forms over time. The adjective ‘heroic’ has been converted to a grand noun, and now it is a word that is thrown around on the tongue without a second thought. It used to be treated with care, and saved up to be spent on the right person at the right time, not only emphasise the compliment, but to enhance the strength of gratitude taken from it. Now? It has been degraded to offhandedly describe someone who has too much money to know what to do with, enough fake tan to be visible from space, and someone who hasn’t actually done anything ‘heroic’ (if we still go by the old meaning) at all. Not to stereotype. It is used to describe someone who is more of an influence, interruption or even a distraction from real life. A celebrity.

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