All Bradford and district's votes have now been verified and counting is imminent, with results expected over the next three hours in the main seats.

The Richard Dunn sports centre in Bradford and Keighley leisure centre are the two venues for the main Bradford district seats - Bradford East, Bradford South and Bradford West at the former and Keighley and Shipley at the latter. By 3.45am it looked like a close contest in Keighley - - while early indications were that Philip Davies is doing well in Shipley. The latest word is that it could be a 5 or 5.30am declaration.

People in the district were voting in two elections yesterday - the General Election and the local government voting.

The first boxes at the Richard Dunn centre were opened just a couple of minutes before 11pm. Votes for the local and general elections have been separated and the counters were just waiting for the postal votes to be delivered. When this has been done, the Council election boxes will be resealed and stored until that count later today.

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