Cash to help stop "toe rags" using an unadopted road for fly-tipping and other anti-social activities has been given the go ahead.

All Alone Road, in Wrose, Shipley, is regularly targeted by drug users, used as a getaway route by drivers being chased by police and blighted by "people in white vans dumping their rubbish", Shipley Area Committee heard tonight.

It is also a favourite route for illegal quad bike riders.

Committee members were told by Bradford Council Highways engineer Simon D'Vali that two gates were proposed at two points along the road where the worst of the fly-tipping occurred.

The former Newton's Boiler Works is approximately half way between the two sites and the new owner is proposing to install four poles with motion sensitive lights to illuminate that part of the stretch to deter unwanted visitors.

Shipley Area Committee chairman Councillor David Heseltine (Cons, Bingley) asked Mr D'Vali: "Have environmental health tried to catch these toe rags?"

Mr D'Vali said there had been a camera installed at one time but it was an old version. 

"If this scheme gets the go ahead (the Council) will be looking at cameras at some point in the future and the pictures beamed to the CCTV office and used as a means of prosecution," he explained.

The total cost is estimated at £9,000. The barriers would cost £750 for the pair with one resident offering to pay for one of them.

The resident also said he would be installing his own CCTV as an added deterrent.

Wrose Parish Council has said it will put £2,000 towards the scheme.

The remaining £7,000, eaten up by legal and advertising costs, would be paid by both Shipley Area Committee and Bradford East Area Committee - if they agree - as one of the gates fell into that constituency.

Committee members tonight unanimously agreed to pay their half of the required outstanding contribution towards the scheme.

Bradford East Area Committee will be asked if they will pay the remainder when they next meet.

Members were told that if Bradford East Area Committee  voted not to support the scheme, the matter could be referred to the Executive for a final decision.

In the meantime Mr D'Vali said he would look into suggestions that there may be funding available from other partners including from the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner through a community fund - possibly worth £5,000 - or even a proceeds of crime fund for community schemes.

Members also asked that the recommendations included a request that prosecutions be stepped up.