A rare birth complication called “locked twins” led to the death of a Skipton baby, an inquest heard.

When Oliver Conroy’s mum’s labour was induced at Airedale Hospital, near Keighley, on June 15 last year his twin Rio was arriving at the same time, getting him stuck.

Doctors had twice broken Victoria Fodor’s waters and Oliver was finally being born naturally until his way was blocked in the birth canal, so an emergency caesearian section was carried out.

Yesterday the Bradford inquest heard how none of the midwives, doctors and consultants involved had ever experienced that kind of complication before because it was so rare.

Oliver was transferred to Leeds General Infirmary where he was put on a ventilator but showed signs of oxygen starvation to the brain. He was put on a breathing machine until his parents agreed for it to be switched off and he died in their arms at four days old.

Acting Bradford coroner Professor Paul Marks said he was satisfied care given had conformed to national guidelines. He said Oliver had suffered oxygen starvation causing brain damage which led to his death.

Describing it as “a bleak and tragic event” he told the family: “If circumstances had been different you would have had two healthy boys.”