The following have been dealt with by Bradford magistrates:

Christopher Stanley Broadbent, aged 29, of Sutcliffe Place, Odsal; assault, 24 months’ community order, 120 hours’ unpaid work, restraining order made, £70 compensation, £200 costs; application to revoke a community order without re-sentencing, granted, order revoked.

Tibor Horvath, aged 20, of Hartington Place, Lidget Green; theft, six months’ conditional discharge, £85 costs. Wayne Anthony Marshall, aged 31, of Simon Close, Holme Wood; theft, 12 months’ conditional discharge, £46 compensation, £85 costs. Ian Stoyles, aged 44, of Knowles Lane, Holme Wood; failure to comply with requirements of community order, order revoked, 50 days’ community order made with curfew, £65 costs.

Przemyslan Tylicki, aged 37, of Shelly Grove, Fairweather Green; driving without insurance, £100 fine, £100 costs, licence endorsed. Colin Beetham, aged 46, of Thyme court, Allerton; failure to comply with requirements of suspended sentence order, suspended sentence of imprisonment of four months suspended for 12 months imposed.

Pauline Morris, aged 50, of Hawthorn Drive, Idle; two counts of failing to ensure the needs of an animal were met, £500 costs, banned from keeping animals for three years. Lisa Faye Smith, aged 26, of Upper Rushton Road, Thornbury; causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, two years’ conditional discharge, banned from having anything to do with any animal for three years.

Waheed Khalid, aged 30, of Granville Road, Shipley; possession of a Class C drug, six months’ conditional discharge, £85 costs. Anthony Stanley Spencer, aged 46, of Cranbrook Street, West Bowling; failure to provide non intimate sample, £100 fine, £15 costs.

Ibrar Mahmood, aged 28, of Greenhill Street, Bradford Moor; driving with insufficient tread on a tyre, £50 fine, £15 costs, banned from driving for six months; driving without a licence, failure to produce licence, no separate penalty; failure to surrender to custody, detention in court house until court rises.

Sean Holt, aged 22, of Bull Royd Lane, Bullroyd; withholding information for the purpose of obtaining insurance, £150 fine, £100 costs; driving without insurance, banned from driving for six months. Rashid Pervez, aged 19, of Jesmond Avenue, Heaton; driving without a licence, £60 fine, £100 costs.

Richard Bambuch, aged 26, of Newcross Street, West Bowling; theft, original offence of theft dealt with, 14 days’ community order with curfew; commission of further offence while subject to conditional discharge, order revoked and dealt with for the original offence.

Slawomir Dabrowski, aged 32, of Gladstone Street, Bradford Moor; drink-driving, £295 fine, £100 costs, banned from driving for 12 months; driving without a licence, driving without insurance, no separate penalty.

  • We wish to point out that all the information in this court file is provided by the magistrates’ court, which collates the details largely from prosecutors and the police. In calculating the amount of any fine, the court takes into account the income of the offender as well as the seriousness of the offence.