A bobby pounding the streets of Bradford has a unusual hobby which he hopes could help him reduce anti-social behaviour on his patch.

Ryan Lord is a PCSO for Wibsey , Bankfoot and Odsal – but he is also a wrestler who is donning his spandex and getting into the ring at a wrestling show he is holding at the Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford, on Friday.

“The two jobs complement each other and a lot of people know me from this job as a PCSO,” he said.

“As a PCSO you are there for the community and you get to know them and be there for them. Being a wrestler makes them curious and obviously you get a lot of the usual banter when you are wearing spandex.”

In his younger years, the 28-year-old was ranked number one in Britain as a junior wrestler and if Friday’s show is a success, he hopes to eventually run his own training school, the Bradford Wrestling Alliance, which would help youngsters get into wrestling and off the streets.

Mr Lord expects 30 of his fellow officers to watch him in action on Friday with professional wrestlers including Paul Harris and Matt Slater.

His inspector has also urged him to try to get funding from cash set aside for community projects from the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Mr Lord started amateur wrestling when he was 14 and was a professional wrestler for a while until a snapped collarbone forced him out of the sport.

“Wrestling has always been a big interest in my life,” he said.

“I was doing really well until I got injured and came out of it for several years but decided to give it another go.

“I am giving young, training wrestlers the chance to perform on Friday and we will have street dancers and fire-eaters in the interval.

“We deal with a lot of anti-social behaviour but people in the area do talk to me and a lot of them are interested in wrestling and want to see the show.

“This gives them something to be a part of and they are interested in coming to a training school as it gives them something to aim for and would get them travelling to competitions.”

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