On the eve of a court hearing which could see Bradford Council reclaim possession of a part of Centenary Square from the Occupy Bradford group, the Telegraph & Argus talked to the protesters about what motivated them to set up camp there.

A core of about 20 people are present at the Bradford protest – which is one of 900 across the world including those in Wall Street, New York, and at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

The Bradford group, which set up its tents and marquee on Friday, has no leader. Meetings are held regularly where people can express their agreement or otherwise, with decisions through sign language.

Andrew Wild, 26, who has a degree in theology, said: “We’re not anti-capitalists. Some of us are, some of us aren’t. What we share is a feeling that economic and political institutions are being run by a small elite who control the wealth and the flow of wealth.

“This is causing problems for 99 per cent of people at the moment who are having services cut back, who are struggling to live on less and who are increasingly becoming angry because they feel their voices are not being heard.”

He said first and foremost the group wants to encourage conversation, between themselves and the authorities, and with people who want to share their stories.

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