Passengers have voiced their anger at new car parking arrangements at Leeds-Bradford International Airport.

The airport has introduced free parking for up to an hour in two of its long stay areas but people using the pick-up and drop-off point at the car park in front of the terminal must pay £2 to park for up to 30 minutes.

Previously, drivers could park at the terminal for free for up to ten minutes or pay £4 for 30 minutes.

The car park now uses a number plate recognition system, with customers asked to pay as they leave.

The changes have angered some customers from Bradford, who resented paying £2 to use the drop-off or pick-up point.

Harold Mason, 67, of Little Horton, who was picked up by his daughter after returning from a holiday in Lanzarote on Monday, said: “I’m appalled by it.

“Yes you should pay if you are waiting 20 minutes but just to come in, drive through, pick up and go, you shouldn’t have to pay.

“You used to go to the ticket machine, get a ticket and if you went in and out in ten minutes you were OK.”

Ian Smith, LBA’s business development manager, said: “Following helpful feedback from our customers we are introducing a one-hour free parking period in long stay 1 and 2 car parks and restructuring the current offer for the Terminal Front pick-up and drop-off car park as we continue to make improvements to the airport’s facilities.”

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