A public information film commissioned for World Aids Day and made by students is to be used in classrooms and schools across the district.

The seven-minute movie, called Let’s Talk About HIV, was premiered today on the Big Screen in Bradford’s Centenary Square .

It will be used as the latest weapon to fight the growth of the disease in the city and to wipe out discrimination against those who have it.

Bradford and Airedale Primary Care Trust teamed up with BTEC Media students at Bradford College to make the film happen.

The students got help from young people from around the UK and South Africa visiting Bradford on a Global Xchange programme who took on the roles of actors – and the music was courtesy of Aids awareness band Carlos Lopez & The CD4.

The Voluntary Services organisation and the British Red Cross have also been involved in the project.

As well as some dramatisation, the film shows Bradford people being interviewed in the streets about HIV and Aids.

The PCT’s public health manager for sexual health Derek Simmonds said HIV is continuing to grow across the district and although drug treatments are available to help people with the condition live longer they are not a cure.

He said: “The best answer is prevention and awareness which is why this film is so important. It seems in spite of warnings, people are still taking chances and having unprotected sex.”

He said as well as the film being used to raise awareness about HIV it was also tackling the stigma and discrimination that can surround it.

“As if having a chronic illness isn’t bad enough,” he said.

“What you want is support not discrimination.”

In 2007 there were 32.8 million people living with HIV, two million of them were children.

In that year a known 2.7million people got infected with Aids and two million people died from it.

Anyone with concerns about sexual health can call the Contact Centre in Horton Park for an appointment or advice – the number is 0845 0020021.