George Galloway is demanding why £70,000 a year paid in perks to Sir Norman Bettision when he was West Yorkshire Chief Constable was kept secret from the public.

That will be one of the questions the MP will be asking in the House of Commons and of West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson.

Mr Galloway alleges Sir Norman was the beneficiary of the secret deal in 2009 with the West Yorkshire Police Authority while Mr Burns-Williamson was its chairman.

He said: "This sweetheart deal gave Bettison more than £34,000 a year for a private car, although he already had a police one and driver. Additionally he got private medical insurance, gym membership and other personal benefits. So in total he must have received more than £200,000 in public money, which the public knew nothing about, over and above his salary of £170,000 a year."

He said his motion at the House of Commons would ask why the "deal was done behind closed doors and shrouded from scrutiny".

And he added: "If it is argued that it was a good deal for the taxpayer then why wasn't the taxpayer told about it at the time? You may draw your own conclusions."

Mr Galloway has also written to Mr Burns-Williamson asking him to explain why there was no transparency on the arrangement.

Sir Norman resigned as chief constable last year after criticism of his role in the aftermath of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster where 96 Liverpool fans died. The Independent Police Complaints Commission has ruled that he has 'a case to answer'.