Motorists have been advised to avoid a road in Haworth that has been closed until tomorrow lunchtime while a water pipe is repaired.

Brow Top Road was closed after the burst, which turned parts of the road into a freezing river.

It burst at around 3.30pm yesterday, cutting off water to around 50 houses and sending water flowing down the road. The volume of water was so great that it splashed onto pavements, and quickly froze due to icy temperatures.

Yorkshire Water closed the road shortly after, and put temporary measures in place to repair the pipe and restore water to homes. The problem was temporarily fixed by 7pm. Bradford Council sent gritting vans to thaw the ice.

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water said: “We put in temporary repairs, but are currently undertaking a full repair of the pipe. We would like to have the road open again by tomorrow.

“We are sorry to everyone for the disruption it caused.”

Haworth Parish Councillor John Huxley was on the scene after hearing of the pipe burst. He said: “There were millions of gallons of water flowing down the road. It was going into gardens and traffic was splashing it on the pavements. Black ice was forming almost immediately. It was horrendous, like a river.

“Yorkshire Water had people there as soon as they could.”