People in Gargrave have been the first to get sight of flood risk management plans for the Upper Aire.

The Environment Agency is currently consulting on a new flood risk management strategy for the area.

The strategy takes in the Aire from Gargrave to Fleet Weir, near Leeds, and will cover 15 major tributaries.

The strategy, which was unveiled last week at Gargrave Village Hall and continued at Keighley and Baildon, highlights the people, properties and land that could be flooded and makes recommendations on how risks could be managed.

Helen Tattersall, Upper Aire strategy manager for the Environment Agency, said: “The Upper Aire strategy could benefit thousands of people and save millions of pounds in flood-related damages, but it’s still at an early stage and we need everybody’s input to make sure we get it right.

Summaries and copies are available from the Environment Agency at uk/consultations.