Councillors have rejected plans to introduce 20mph zones and install speed humps in residential streets surrounding Saltaire Roundabout.

Bradford Council’s Shipley Area Committee last night refused to accept proposals, in their current form, to bring in traffic-calming measures and a 20mph speed limit in the Nab Wood and Moorhead areas and rejected their implementation, despite officer recommendations to accept.

But members will return to the matter following the changes at Saltaire Roundabout, as well as possible changes in Government legislation.

The scheme had been split into two parts, with the committee agreeing on the introduction of similar measures in the Saltaire, Hirst Wood and Wycliffe areas – although members also said a school 20mph zone should be included near Saltaire Primary School.

The Council’s senior highways officers had been seeking permission to press ahead with the scheme before replacing the roundabout, as part of a £3.3 million project But members heard from several residents of the Nab Wood and Moorhead areas objecting to the speed humps, citing reasons including the damage they could cause vehicles, the health risks for passengers who may be ill or have certain conditions and the lack of accidents in the area.

Councillor Simon Cooke (Con, Bingley Rural) said the scheme was too big.

He said: “Quite frankly, given the information I have got here, I don’t think there is justification for it.”

Simon D’Vali, the Council’s principal engineer for Shipley and Bradford East, said: “We are talking about the improvement in life for the residents.

“Right now you don’t believe that is the case, I understand that, but I also think there might be just a fundamental misunderstanding of what’s going on here, because the traffic through Nab Wood will get worse. That is the fact, if we are not careful, and then in two or three years time we will be back here asking ‘what’s going on with the traffic?’”

Members voted to consider revisiting the matter following changes at Saltaire Roundabout.