A Bradford pub landlord has welcomed news that he is owed more than £17,000 after being mis-sold payment protection insurance by his bank.

Tony Reed, landlord at The Venue, in Park Lane, Little Horton, has now urged people to check to see if they are owed anything for paying out for the insurance they did not need.

Mr Reed was told he was owed the money after contacting the bank, despite not being sure whether or not he would be entitled to any money back.

He said: “A week later I got a courtesy letter saying they will look into it and they felt they did have a reason to look into it.

“They said it could be up to £1,300.

“And they said to me when they start investigating it, that it could take up to six months.”

But just ten weeks after the initial inquiry, Mr Reed received three letters from the bank saying he was owed £17,411.

He said: “I had to take a step back and said to my lass ‘am I reading that right, do they owe me money?’ “I rang them up and said ‘can you just confirm you’re sending me this money?’ “They said ‘yes, it will be in your account in 28 days’.”

Mr Reed said he had taken out up to seven loans over the last 15 years with a total value of between £40,000 and £50,000, to pay for a range of home improvements and a new car.

He said he was elated to be given the money back, despite having it mis-sold to him in the first place.

He said: “You need a loan because there’s a problem with your financial statements at the time, so you go down there for help and whether it’s the practice of the bank or certain individuals getting a bonus if they can sell PPI I don’t know, but I felt disgruntled that it happened in the first place.

“I’m hoping other people pick up the phone, ring the bank as I did, as a genuine customer and say ‘I have had loans in the past’.

“I couldn’t even tell them what loans I have had.

“They asked for loan dates and I said I couldn’t tell them, so they took the whole situation on and they have come up with that result – so I take my hat off to them really.”

A Lloyds TSB spokesman said the group considers every complaint on its individual merits and customers should contact the bank directly in respect of any complaints.

The spokesman said: “We can guarantee a fair review through our rigorous complaints handling process that we have in place.

“Where we have already identified trends in our sales procedures from the outset, we are able to process the complaint straight away.

“However, there are complaints that will need more time and analysis to identify the cause for grievance.

“All complaints will be handled within the Financial Services Authority guidelines of eight weeks.”